Shenington Club Race

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Good weekend of testing and racing in cold constantly changing weather. On the Saturday it seemed every time we went on track it decided to snow making set up decisions difficult. Sunday was better staying dry but still very cold.

Heats on Sunday were limited to just two with a crash requiring the ambulance on track in the second heat. Finishing 4th and 6th in the heats gave Lucas a race grid position of P4.

Race start was a bit slow and Lucas dropped down the field to 6th but quickly made up 2 places by the end of the 1st lap. There he stayed in P4 for most the race swapping positions to P3 a couple of times. The top 5 developed a gap to the rest of the field and Lucas slipped back another place to 5th leaving the door open at the bottom hairpin. Last lap #9 saw any of the top 5 winning with a lot of defending taking place. Lucas sat back in 5th and watched for his opportunity which happened at the bottom hairpin when the lead pair collided allowing the following three to move up two positions. Lucas tried to challenge for second place but was just held off at the line finishing a very strong third with the fastest lap being recorded by him on lap #7 of 0:51.68.