Next step up to saloon car racing at Silverstone

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Hitting the apex in the esses.
Having taken time out for a couple of months Lucas has stepped back into racing in the Junior Saloon Car Championship. Having a new car built by Spoox motorsports Lucas entered the last 2 races of the season having passed his ARDS test weeks before his 14th birthday. The 1st race at Silverstone was 2 days after his 14th birthday and became the youngest driver they have ever had on the grid. Having only completed 2 test seasons on the Friday qualifying time quickly came about on Saturday. Qualifying at the back of the grid in 12th out of 13 Lucas prepared for his first car race on Sunday morning a little nervous. Getting off to a great start and keeping out of trouble he finished his first race in 10th a great achievement for him.
Second race came in the afternoon but on the green flag lap he suffered engine problems and had to pull off and watch the whole of the race from a marshals post much to his disappointment but thats racing I'm told. Nevertheless he had a fantastically successful race weekend and was congratulated by all the other Juniors for his efforts.